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The Royal Black Institution, also known as The Imperial Grand Black Chapter Of The British Commonwealth is a Protestant fraternal society that was formed in Ireland in 1797. The Institution can be seen as a progression of the Orange Order although they are separate institutions. Anyone wishing to be admitted to the Royal Black Institution must first become a member of an Orange Lodge.


The Royal Black Institution is often referred to as the senior of the loyal orders and it's headquarters are in Lurgan, County Armagh. The Order's basis is the promotion of scripture and the principles of the Protestant Reformation and it has preceptories throughout the world. It holds a very colourful annual parade in the village of Scarva, County Down on the 13th July (the day after the Orange Order's 12th July celebrations) which is commonly referred to as The Sham Fight. The other major parade of the year is "Black Saturday", also known as "Last Saturday", held on the last Saturday in August at several locations throughout the world.