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The Brave Thirteen



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The Brave Thirteen


Twas a dark and wet December day,

Yet the Maiden City still looked serene, 

All was peaceful within the walls,

Where slept the Brave Thirteen.


A Papish Army came to take, 

Their Freedom, Liberty and Domain,      

 But James was dismayed by their Courage,

 And cursed the Brave Thirteen.


Two words rang out clearly that day,

We still hold them in great esteem,

'No Surrender' was that cry,

For the Brave Thirteen.


'Close the Gates' was the call,

'The enemy has been seen',

'Derry boys stand to the fore,

 And support the Brave Thirteen'.


The long and bloody Siege began,

The land was no longer green,

For Derry people's blood was shed,

Those who stood by the Brave Thirteen.


Many brave and humble people,

Died from hunger just to remain, 

Loyal and true to their country, 

And to help the Brave Thirteen.


King James's soldiers built a boom, 

English ships came on the scene, 

James must stop this fleet, 

And foil the Brave Thirteen.


Governor Walker stood upon the Walls, 

And pointed through the wind and rain,  

Our prayers are answered, help is near,   

Three cheers for the Brave Thirteen.


'The Phoenix' and 'The Swallow' sailed up the Foyle,

With 'The Mountjoy' in-between 

They broke the boom and sailed right through,         

To help the Brave Thirteen.


The 'Relief' of the Maiden City, 

Brought freedom and eased their pain, 

The Siege was over, the battle won,

God Bless the Brave Thirteen.






Poem by Abby Jones, Wavertree Campsie Club 1988 

       Both the poem and the picture are taken from the Official Brochure of the Tercentenary Celebrations of the Apprentice Boys of  Derry Association