Thames and Avon Branch of the Murray Club    

  Apprentice Boys of Derry  

The Comber Letter

To my Lord, this deliver with haste and care

Good my Lord

I have written to you, to let you know that all our Irishmen through Ireland is sworn, that on the ninth day of this month they are to fall on, to kill and murder, man, wife, and child ; and I desire your Lordship to take care of yourself, and all others that are judged by our men to be heads, for whosoever of them can kill any of you, they are to have a captain's place ; so my desire to your honour is to look to yourself, and give other noblemen warning, and go not out either night or day without a good guard with you, and let no Irishman come near you, whatsoever he be ; so that is all from him who was your father's friend, and is your friend, and will be , though I dare not be known, as yet, for fear of my life.

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