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  Apprentice Boys of Derry  

Henry Baker

Major Henry Baker came from an English family which had settled in Ireland at the beginning of the seventeenth century. In 1688 having joined with the Protestants he showed great courage and leadership during the retreat to Coleraine, from Dromore, which made him a very popular figure with his men.

After Lundy had fled the City in disgrace, Baker was made Joint Governor with George Walker. He played a major part, along with Walker, during the Battle of Windmill Hill during which fierce hand to hand fighting took place and the enemy put to flight.

During the Siege a serious quarrel occurred between Colonel Mitchelburne and Baker which resulted in swords being drawn and Mitchelburne being wounded and then placed under house arrest.

As a result of being on the Walls at all hours and in all weathers, Baker is believed to have contracted pneumonia and subsequently died. Shortly before his death, Baker was asked by the Council to name his successor and his reply was  'Colonel John Mitchelburne' his former adversary.

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