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  Apprentice Boys of Derry  

The Apprentice Boys of Derry                

A Brief History

Writing in 1855 the famous historian Lord Macaulay wrote Five generations have passed away and still the Walls of Londonderry are to the Protestants of Ulster what the Trophy of Marathon was to the Athenians. Another five generations have passed since this was written and the sense of pride in the deeds of the defenders of Londonderry has not diminished.

 On 7th December 1688 Thirteen young Apprentice Boys closed the gates of Londonderry against the advancing Catholic army of King James II. The City was the last refuge for many thousands of Protestants from all over Ulster who feared that they would be mercilessly slaughtered as had happened in the previous Irish Rebellion in the year 1641.The Siege that followed was to last for 105 long days until these brave defenders were relieved on 31st July 1689.      

The Clubs were formed to commemorate the valiant deeds done by the defenders of the Maiden City. The Apprentice Boys has it's headquarters in the city of Londonderry and comprises of eight Parent Clubs. These Clubs are generally named after the siege heroes (Walker, Mitchelburne, Murray, etc). Branch Clubs are to be found outside of the city of Londonderry.